Are Detox Programs Healthy?

Are Detox programs only about weight loss or are they safe to use to improve our health.

3 Best Detoxifying Herbs

These 3 herbs have been used for hundreds and thousands of years because of their powerful benefits.  Learn why they work so well in this article. 

5 Reasons Detox Programs Are Good For You

Detoxing is a great way to cleanse the body and allow it to heal on it’s own. By eliminating trigger foods that could be feeding these health ailments is a great start to feeling better. 
How I Finally Achieved A Healthy Body Weight That I Was Proud Of...
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How I Finally Achieved A Healthy Body Weight That I Was Proud Of...
I have struggled with my bodyweight most of my adult life.  I have tried diet after diet, different exercise program and any other fad that has come along. 

To make it worse I was diagnosed with malfunctioning Thyroid and have been on medication for many years.  This only made my struggle with achieving a healthy body even worse. 

Oh, I forgot about my chronic foot injury that prevents me from running or even walking for cardiovascular benefit. 

Here is my story on how I finally took control of my body and started achieving my ideal body. 
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