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My Weight Loss Journey From Nothing Working To Reaching My Ideal Body
Hi, my name is Sherry and I want to share my struggles and accomplishments with you to hopefully inspire you on your weight loss journey. I am a mother of 3 wonderful kids and I work full-time.
I have struggled with my bodyweight most of my adult life and I have tried diet after diet. My weight wouldn't budge. I tried every fad weight loss program that came out and the result was always the same.

To make it worse I have had a malfunctioning Thyroid for many years and been on daily medication. I have always blamed my Thyroid as the reason why I couldn't lose any weight.

I had pretty much given up on my dream of ever losing my excess fat. That was until I met a Registered Dietitian named Jayson Hunter.

I warned him that I had tried numerous diets over many years and nothing ever worked.

I explained to him that I had a chronic foot injury and was unable to use any treadmills or other cardio machines.

He wasn't fazed. I guess it was his 18+ years of experience, but he told me it won't be easy, but we will find the right solution for me and get the excess fat off my body.

We started first with what I was currently eating. He told me I was doing pretty good, but he did have me tighten a few things up. One of them was the amount of carbs I was eating. I wasn't eating a lot, but he did want me to consume no more than 100 gms of carbs per day. So, I did have to cut out about 30 gms of carbs from my diet every day. It actually wasn't hard to do at all since I wasn't overeating too many carbs.

He then told me that we were going to lower my cortisol levels and make sure my brain was communicating with my Leptin hormone.

Leptin is the master fat regulating hormone and he told me that if my brain becomes resistant to Leptin that I could kiss any weight loss goodbye.

I was onboard because after 10+ years of trying to lose weight I had given up hope so what did I have to lose.

He had me start taking a product called LeptiSense, which contains 2 researched ingredients. One ingredient makes sure that a certain protein doesn't bind to the brain so that Leptin is able to communicate with my brain.

The other ingredient works to lower Cortisol levels which helps the body lower inflammation as well as reduce the cravings for sugary and fatty foods.

For 4 weeks I ate well and didn't do any cardiovascular workouts. I did complete 4 kettlebell workouts which does get my heart rate elevated and allows me to burn some calories.

I ate pretty well during the 4 weeks and I tried to stay under the 100gms of carbs per day, but I will admit that this didn't always happen. I didn't pig out though on carbs.

He took my measurements and I was shocked. I had actually lost 2.5 inches from my waist and 1.5 inches from my thighs.

I about fell over. LOL

I couldn't believe that my problem was not my Thyroid. It also wasn't my diet since I didn't make any drastic changes to my meal plans.

My problem was getting my brain to communicate with the master fat regulating hormone Leptin and lowering my Cortisol level.

Jayson explained to me that it always isn't about just burning more calories or speeding up my metabolism.

Many times it is hormone related in regards to why someone can't lose the weight they want.

Until the fat burning hormones start working properly someone can diet all they want and exercise like crazy with minimal to zero results. Just like me.

This was an eye opener for me. I was angry and happy all at the same time. I had worked for so many years trying to lose weight and it wasn't until Jayson helped me fix these 2 key hormones that I started losing my excess fat.

Now of course I don't know your exact situation and what you have done to try and reach your ideal bodyweight. If you have tried numerous diets like me and you are struggling to reach that goal weight then I suggest looking into making sure these two hormones are working properly.

Give LeptiSense a try and contact Jayson to help you. He has been great to work with and I can't thank him enough for what he has been able to do in helping me achieve my ideal body.

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